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Infidel's personal config for CLI based workspaces


General Info

This is the essential VIM and Tmux configuration for cli based unix systems.


    git clone


    ./ -u user


This installation script now can execute :PlugUpdate on first setup.


  • Leader remmaped to ,
  • Enabled more visual blocks with J and K
  • Auto tabbed lines from normal mode using >


Toggle NerdTree with . T


Perform multiline visual select then enter ga. Next enter your preference alignment.


Toggle Goyo from command input mode :Goyo or use the shortcut.


Toggle Limelight from command input mode :Limelight or use the shortcut.

Autocomplete : CoC

CoC now can use tab to navigate completion list. Make sure the target machine have nodejs for CoC to run properly.


I use airline as status bar

CoC Extensions included :

  • coc-vimlsp for VIM script
  • coc-pyright for Python
  • coc-sh for SH scripts
  • coc-spell-checker : General spell checker in EN

Autocomplete : Completor

Completor is not good for servers, as it requires vim version with python support.


Create ASCII diagrams :

  • Visual select some box
  • invoke +o to create box or +O to create box with label
  • To add label into existing box, visual select the area then invoke +c

Future Improvement

  • Script automatically detect the environment (e.g. BSD)
  • Symlink instead of copy.
  • Deploy a scalable and portable environment.
  • Support Oh-My-Zsh installation
  • Diagnostic Feature -c or --check